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What You Should Know If you Are A Casino Dealer

There are actually a lot of things that you should be considering, if you are taking the plunge into becoming a casino dealer. You need to understand that you will be in an environment that is very lively all the time. You may not get a lot of quiet time in a casino. You will also be paid on an hourly basis, depending on which country we are talking about. A lot of casino dealers have actually come out and said that they make minimum wage, apart from tips. A lot of them have also said that they make their entire salary based on tips. Since your salary is based on tips, I feel that you should be very nice to your customers, how rude they are. A lot of drunken gamblers could actually drop quite a bit of money, as a tip.


    • It would also be good if you kept in mind that there are a lot of things that you should consider when becoming a casino dealer.
    • It all comes with rules and regulations. We need to keep track of a lot of these things.
    • It can actually be very challenging at times. Since the casinos are filled with skill-intensive games, you may have to learn all of them, before you can go ahead and start dealing.
    • You will also be dealing with individuals who you have just met. You will meet thousands of people, daily.
    • It would be very welcoming and chivalrous, if you behaved really well. You should also greet them with a big smile. A smile can take you a long way. A smile can actually earn you $100, in the right casino.
    • Keep in mind that there are a lot of factors that determine how much money you would make when you are a dealer in a casino. Firstly, it depends on which country you will be working in. If we are talking about places like Las Vegas, you may be earning a little more than the minimum wage. But, if you are talking about places like Macau or Monaco, you may be earning a lot more money, along with tips.

  • You also need to understand that in a lot of cases, your job is not going to be guaranteed. They are not going to make you sign a contract, if you are a novice casino dealer. If you start gaining some experience, and if they start liking your skills, they may hire you as a permanent employee.
  • If you are a dealer who gets the chance to deal games in the high rollers VIP room, you can expect to make thousands of dollars. It is definitely an amazing opportunity indeed.

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